What does it take?

I think people know the truth when they hear it, so here goes. The landscape is littered with well-intentioned people looking to trim, tone, sculpt, lose weight and do all the things they are supposed to be doing. They embark on their fitness journey, “I am finally going to lose 50 lbs, and I mean it this time.” Fine with me.

What does it take to really do it though? To change your body dramatically things in your life have to change dramatically because your body is happy remaining as is. It doesn’t care about your dreams of wearing skinny jeans. It is perfectly content to keep your belly and love handles right where they are, and in fact continue to make deposits to these lovely areas frequently.

To get the fat off of you, you must make a deliberate effort to not screw things up. This means if you are going to use tools like fasting and keto diets, then damn it you must fast and really eat a keto diet.

You see, I’m the body mechanic that looks under the hood and sees what’s going wrong with your engine. I look at a lot of bodies, and here’s what I almost always see:

You’re not really fasting, and your definition of low Carb is different than mine. Sorry but that’s the truth.

Fasting means not eating. A keto diet doesn’t mean you try to sneak carbs in. Here’s a keto fast:

Breakfast- Black coffee

Lunch- Water

Dinner- Bun-less bacon cheeseburger with mayo and a salad with full fat Italian dressing.

That’s a Keto fast.

On Keto diets don’t make the mistake of trying to squeeze carbs in. Forget about low carb recipes and protein bars. Dr. Atkins was a low carb pioneer whom I greatly admire, but avoid his bars.

Let’s talk exercise. Are you doing your swings or not? You need swings and lots of them.

You should hear the things I hear…”Dan I couldn’t do my swings yesterday, I had a lot going on.”

Dan: “How many swings did you do yesterday?”

Client: “Awww Dan I couldn’t get them in. I’ll do em today.”

Dan: How’s the fasting going?

Client: Oh it’s good! I fasted until lunch yesterday, but they had an office party for Janet and I did have some cake, other than that I did great.

So we didn’t swing and we didn’t fast.

Where are your results?

I have a tendency to get fat easily. So I fast everyday. That’s right. 7 days a week I fast and normally won’t eat until after 7 pm or so. Some days I’ll break the fast earlier and that will be my one meal for the day. My meal will be generally a keto meal. Steak, mayo, bacon, tomatoes, salads, the fattiest hamburger I can find, butter, heavy cream.

What about hunger? I have a voracious appetite. I can easily eat 15 Tacos. I can drink a gallon of whole milk in under 10 minutes. But I fast everyday and I’m almost never hungry. And on the days I am hungry? Tough. I don’t eat.

Get your swings in. Period. You need them. They will help hack the fat off of you. You can’t be halfway in. You gotta jump into the pool, get wet and start to paddle. Commit.

How many swings? 60-80 per day minimum. A couple hundred a day is better. 300 swings a day, 2100 a week will do miracles. This seems excessive- to the out of shape crowd. To a KB lifter, this is quite normal. Do you want the fat off of you or not?

Folks, the deal is not to try and do the minimum and get some results. You gotta kick this thing in the ass. Fasting is easy. Kettlebells are easy. They pay you back big time.

On the way from the living room to the kitchen grab the bell and swing it 10 times. Do the same on the way back. Knock off 50 swings before breakfast. Get another 30-40 in at lunch. Finish the day with 50-100 swings in the evening. I like to swing while I watch Jeopardy. Keep a KB in the car. Take it with you. Who cares what anyone thinks?

It’s your body. It’s your fat to lose or to keep. No one has a lean, strong athletic body by making excuses. Do the swings anyway. Bad day? Swing. Fast. Great day? Swing. Fast. Kid acting up? Get yer swings in. Fast. Busy? Swing anyway.

Alright, you get the point, end of sermon. Get Swingin.

Dan pistol BW





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