About Danny’s Elite Lean

     It’s simple. You hire Danny, he trains you at your home. You enjoy stunning changes in your body composition because the exercise and nutrition plan is designed specifically for you. No gym fees, no guesswork, and no wasted time.

    Danny is a highly respected fitness authority, author, and strength coach. He specializes in fast, permanent fat loss through specific training and nutrition protocols. He was one of the very first Americans to be certified by The Russian Kettlebell Challenge and has been in fitness training for over 20 years.

     You already own a gym- it’s your living room. Danny’s Elite Lean in home training serves the Heritage, Wakefield, and North Raleigh area. Fat loss is our specialty and we service our members in the comfort of their own home. Danny is an industry expert that has published numerous fitness articles and uses his vast knowledge to get his clients real results.