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Frustrated? Is there a better you in there?

Get lean. Get strong. Get going and don’t look back. Fat loss and serious results are a click away. I only take on a select group of clients that are:

  • Serious about letting Danny solve their body problems.

  • Uninterested in fitness trends, fads or gimmicks.

  • Open to nontraditional exercise and nutrition that yields extraordinary results.

  • Willing to work- hard. Very hard.

    45 minute sessions include one on one training with Danny in your home. Detailed nutrition strategies to lose fat and gain muscle.

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“I have lost 15 lbs of pure fat in less than a month with Danny” -Courtney S.

“Hands down the best. Danny’s knowledge of training and nutrition are remarkable.” Dr Matt Osborne.

“Nothing else worked. I was stuck- then I met Danny. I have lost a tremendous amount of body fat and I am confident again!” Kristen S.

“Danny I think you are the best trainer I have ever had.” Down 12 lbs in 3 weeks. Denise B.

Programs are comprehensive and include:

-One on one private lessons with RKC Danny.

-Nutrition to cut fat and perform like never before.

-Equipment provided- you need nothing.

-Discounts to weekly group sessions.

-Exclusive Binge Busters program.

-Access to Danny’s expertise 7 days a week.

You will succeed because I will not let you fail.

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5 Session Kick Starter- $419

Test the waters with this explosive shake up to your body fat.


12 Session Tough Love- $959

When you know a healthy dose of Danny’s Tough Love is what you need.


20 Session Never look back- $1499

You’re on a mission, aren’t you? Let me lead the way to fat loss and leanness.


36 Session Epic Pass- $2520

A serious program for when it’s time for a major turnaround. This life changer will make jaws drop.

Kettle Kids 6 pack $90


Visa, MC, Amex, Discover accepted. 919-819-5457


“Danny solved my body problems. I’m now lean and strong and I’m not going back. I’m here in this new body and life because of him. Thanks Danny.”

-Angela H. Raleigh, NC