Kids need fresh air, activity, and exercise. The research is growing stronger and stronger that all of the myths surrounding kids and strength training (i.e. stunted growth) were nothing but misnomers repeated through the generations. Strength training statistically is safer than all field sports such as soccer and football.



I developed Kettle Kids to introduce youngsters to a healthy way of life by making exercise fun. Instilling exercise habits, like learning a language, is best done early in life.

Parents are more and more concerned about the long hours their kids camp out sitting in front of computers and TV. Kettle Kids seeks to break the cycle of inactivity by creating an encouraging and lighthearted atmosphere.

I have trained children and adults for over 20 years. I was in charge of developing several exercise programs for at risk youth in order to steer these youngsters in a better direction.

We use all sorts of fun stuff to keep the sweat and smiles rolling! Kettlebells, sandbags, agility drills, calisthenics and many other methods that keep kids engaged and enjoying their exercise! We know that it has to be fun! Hope to see you and your youngsters out there. And Parents- You are more than welcome to be right there as we coach the kids!