Fat loss expectations

Fat loss vs weight loss

The question almost always is: Can I really lose fat and how much? The answer is yes, you can lose fat. How much depends on a few things.

First off, very obese people lose tremendous amounts of weight in the first few days because of their starting point. They have an enormous fat reserve and losing 5% of their body fat quickly is common. There is more to take from so to speak.

Very lean people, perhaps unfairly, can lose fat quickly. Back in 2001, I was carrying 8% body fat- that is pretty dang lean. After a very grueling 2 day Kettlebell Certification and 10 days of hard training and some very clean eating I was measured by the same device at 6.5%. That is an enormous difference in such a short time. It happens.

What can you expect? Here’s the deal. The first difference you will feel is in how your clothes fit, and the calipers will read lower. But you want hard numbers, I know. If you are 32%-44% body fat to start your program you can expect a loss of 7-12 lb the first 6 weeks- give or take.

There are 1000 factors that contribute to the success or failure of a fat loss program. But let’s keep this simple- for 99% percent of my peeps, a low or zero sugar diet combined with a Kettlebell program consisting of frequent swings, snatches, get-ups, and presses will yield incredible results.

Perhaps a often overlooked benefit of Kettlebell training is not the weight lost (rest assured you will lose fat) but how your body looks when you’re actively training. Pretend that you lose no weight (don’t worry this is just a hypothetical) but you use Kettlebells correctly 4-5 times per week. Your body will look better, even if you lose zero weight. Why? How can this be? Because the muscles become “toned” in the real sense of the word- that is they retain tension. The muscle looks firmer (because it is) and more “active.” Healthier, for sure. That’s all “toned” is- residual tension in the muscle. The muscle is “on alert” and ready to perform.

You will lose fat. You can shed the useless body fat that does nothing but make you sick and under-perform. It’s can be tricky with all of the promises out there by diet and pill companies hawking easy fixes. Deep down you know it’s bunk. Are you tired of carrying around unnecessary heft? Have you thought about the internal fat too? The fat that crowds your organs and cuts lifespans? Let’s make a decision today that will pay you back tomorrow. Do something that your future self will thank you for. Call Danny 919-819-5457 Women with fat belly and stretch marks,front Side