Why Kettlebells are the long term Fat loss Solution

Kettlebells have their critics. But believe me, I am done fighting the fight to defend them. I let the results my folks get speak for themselves. In almost 20 years of training hundreds of different bodies, I have never seen a negative result.

Swing, Snatch, and Clean the bells several times a week and you will see a difference in body comp. Swing 200 times a day 6 days a week and you will have difficulty keeping weight on. Might want to read that one again. Yes, it is not at all uncommon for high volume swings to make it difficult for you to maintain body-weight.

KB girl smile

Smile. It’s supposed to be fun.

Every exercise modality has loud critics. Some lifters hate running. Many runners hate Barbell training. Planet Fitness people hate heavy free weights. The Yoga and Pilates crowd don’t squat because squats are “bad for the knees.” Plenty of Crossfit coaches “know” they have the right method. They’ll proudly tell you, trust me.

So what about Kettlebells? Here is a quick list of the criticisms: They’re dangerous. Fair enough- they are. When used improperly you’ll hurt yourself. When under the guidance of a RKC or SF coach your chances of getting hurt are slim. Your chances of losing more fat than you ever thought possible are great.

Secondly, KB’s are not as scaleable as barbells. True. No argument from me. You can more precisely load a barbell than a KB. Last I checked there is a minimum of a few lbs at least between KB sizes. I can add fractions of lbs to my clients barbell lifts. But here’s the deal-the majority of my clients (folks like you) don’t care one hoot about small incremental changes in loads. You want to look hot. Attractive. Put the old jeans back on. I get it. That’s why you hired me.

The reason I use KB’s is that I can add variety which makes new lifts inefficient for you. And that my friend is when you burn the most fat. See, you get good at any type of exercise after awhile. Your form comes together and your motor neurons increase their ability to lift the weight or swing the bell. You burn more fat as a bad tennis player than as a good one. Same goes for skiing, bicycling and running.

After a few weeks, we change from a Swing focus to a Snatch focus. Then Grinds. Then Presses. Cleans. Circuits. Combos. Carries. Calisthenics. Sprints. We add explosive lifts. We keep your body guessing.

This is not at all the case with my barbell people. They are training to get strong and we only use 4 lifts. The Squat, Bench, Press, and Dead-lift. The variables we control are intensity/load and not the exercises themselves.

OK let’s answer the question. Why is compliance so high using Kettlebells? Simple. Because its fun. It is way less structured than Barbell training. It feels like play. You can seriously goof around. Hell, you can juggle Kettlebells. Programming is nowhere near as precise or important as is in a strength gaining program.

If it’s fun- you’ll do it. If you hate it- you won’t. Even as motivated as I was during my heavy barbell lifting years- it wasn’t as fun as KB training. Yes it was satisfying and I got pretty strong. I urge almost anyone to take a run at proper Barbell training. But it’s no cake walk. There are days when the thought of Squatting 475 for 5 is damn scary.

Kettlebell training changes lives. Not only will you lose slabs of fat, you will get the satisfaction of watching your lifts go up. It is fun to watch a client smile as they finally roll their Snatch properly. “I can do this” is the best thing I hear a client say. I love when they buy Kettlebells for their home and actually swing them.

If you’re frustrated and out of ideas for getting lean, try me. I will introduce something long term that is fun- and effective. You don’t need machines, gym memberships, cables, tricky bands and balls and wall this and core that. All that noise is fluff- trust me.

Want to lose 20 lbs of fat? 30? 50? 100? Let me know. I’ll help you get rid of it. And you might even smile along the way.











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