Watch Football, eat wings, and get a beach body

Football has a way of helping us pack on the lbs. Maybe its the 3 hour games. Maybe it’s that there’s about 11 straight hours sometimes more (thanks London) of NFL on Sunday.  About the same or more for college. It’s easy to fool oneself into thinking that being large and pudgy ain’t all that bad, after all the guys on the field average 270. Plus it’s getting chilly about this time. Awfully tempting to pack it in, order a pizza and watch the Steelers. Fine. Go ahead. Just make sure you have your kettlebell with you.

Here’s a crazy but effective way to get some good KB work in while still enjoying all the gridiron has to offer. Do try this at home. A sports bar is awkward.

First- one rule. Don’t do this while drinking. Seriously. Kettlebells and vodka mix nicely in Russia. You know, over there. Here in the USA mixing Bud Light and a 70lb ball of iron means bad things are gonna happen. If you must knock back a few, do it post workout, after all you need the carbs. Wink. Wink.

Every game has rules, here they are.

Each time a team scores does this, you do this:

Field Goal- 5 swings

Touchdown- 10 swings

Safety- 30 swings (2 sets of 15 allowed) talk test to start second set.

Start of Halftime- 10 snatches followed by 10 swings

Fumble- 10 snatches followed by 10 burpees

Interception- 10 snatches followed by 10 BW or deck squats

End of game- Favorite won? 3 Get ups. Underdog won? 5 Get ups

There. You just turned 3 hours of spectating into something that will pay you back tomorrow (unlike your Packers bet). Enjoy.





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